Suri Foundation

Contact: Gopi Suri


Suri Foundation’s goal is to solve critical social and economical challenges the poor are facing in India. We want to improve the quality of life for many under served and under developed communities. Our approach is to foster self reliance, leadership, independence through inspiration among children, youth, women and elderly. We identify key areas of improvement such as child/youth development, education, health & hygiene that need attention. We partner with the appropriate organizations and authorities to either supplement or implement programs as necessary.

Kerela Cultural Society

Contact: Santhosh George


The organization, widely known as KCS, serves the interest of the Washington DC community that comprises of the State of Maryland, the
District of Columbia, and the Commonwealth of Virginia. As one of the premier organizations in the region, KCS has steadfastly grown in the last few years with the help of an uncompromising agenda that is catered towards the importance of social life.


Contact: Deepanita Santhosh


PRANTIK, meaning an association in a far corner of the world, was born in 1973. It was born out of the deep connection felt by Bengali speaking people who came from South Asia to the Baltimore area.

From the late 1960s through the mid 70s there was a large influx of South Asians coming to United States. Some came as students and others as immigrants. Many of these were Bengalis. The Baltimore area also experienced a significant increase in Bengali population.